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About Therapy

Therapy can give you the insight and ability to think about yourself, your problems, and your relationships differently. You do not need to have a diagnosed mental health problem for therapy to benefit you - it can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and help you to approach your life more creatively.

Therapy offers you the experience of being in a quiet room with a highly skilled person who is giving you deep and focussed attention. It is a safe place where you can freely express whatever is on your mind, knowing that all you say is confidential. You are not judged, and you and your struggles are taken seriously. Your therapist has spent years accumulating the knowledge and experience to help you.

My Approach

As a Jungian analyst, I aim to approach you as the unique person you are. We work together towards a fresh understanding of your problems and patterns, accepting and integrating diverse parts of yourself into a more whole person. This doesn’t mean perfection or even a cure, but an ongoing path towards feeling more vital and fully alive.

With this in mind, we might look together at how patterns of behaviour that you are not aware of could be holding you back in your present life and your relationships. Ways of doing this may include thinking together about your early childhood, looking at your dreams or seeing how these unconscious patterns might be played out between us. We may explore what your various physical and psychic symptoms may be communicating, the function that they serve, and how you can find a path towards relief of those symptoms.

“ Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble.”

Carl Jung, 1875-1961

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